Frequently Asked Questions

Placing your profile on the region(s) of your choice will increase your chances of employment because more potential employers will see it. The more regions you post your profile the greater exposure your profile will receive.

When you first register, you can select the regions. Once you are registered, you can add extra regions via the edit details page.

Through direct approach any agency hourly charges and/or introduction fees will be eliminated. This will create a more honest and fairer platform between the Job Seeker / Placement and Employer.

Your profile in your one chosen region is permanent, free of charge.

You can, however, post your profile in any other region(s) for a charge of £10.00 per region.

Posts in any additional region(s) will be kept on the site for 12 months. After 12 months your profile will need to be  re-registered.

You can de-register your profile at any time.

You can update your profile by clicking on the ‘Edit Profile’ link on the top right of the page.

If an employer is interested in your profile he/she will contact you direct via your registered email or telephone number.

COW will not be privy to any interest shown in your profile.

Yes if they search the same region and skillset sector where your profile is listed, providing they are signed up to that region.

Any business advert is listed for a period of 12 months before re-registration is required.

We do not know the answer to that, however our primary aims are to continually develop and expand our business network.

Many other benefits are also available to business advertisers such as being able to view Job Seeker profiles and post Job Opportunities.

As Lord Sugar once said ‘The weld is your oyster’.   The Apprentice Series 2 Episode 14

You have access to all Job Seekers / Placements in your chosen advertised region, however if you would like to access Job Seekers/Students in another region there is a £50 charge per additional region. 

After 12 months you can change your chosen region but you can add an addition region of your choice for £50 per additional region.

At the moment we do not offer this particular facility, however we plan to implement this in the near future.

We update as and when we receive the latest technical news and updates from our varied sources.

You can submit your newsletter by sending it to

Most searches will be done by region, where the potential employer will look at the specific aspects of your profile to establish whether you are a suitable candidate for the advertised position.

The forum can be accessed and posted by all users. The idea is for all users to connect and interact.

Go on the Job Opportunities page in your region and you will see the Create a Job Opportunity link.

It is FREE to list your company details in 1 Region on The CE 1090 Register but please ensure that the information you give is true and accurate.If you wish to add your details to more regions then plz consider our Advertise On This Platform options. receives no financial benefit from the agencies... just happy to assist our 'users' find employment.

Any of our 'users' can see your brief listing but only our Employer & Advertising Members will have access to your full details so they can evaluate your profile and be able to contact you direct.

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